I Am Here

   Life is very interesting. Those times when you are looking at yourself and your actions with a fine toothed comb are humbling. As I sit here alone just sifting through decisions that I have made and those I am about to make, I am deeply humbled. I will celebrate another born day in one week and it is a bit daunting, yet so powerful. 

    I have decided to pamper myself on my birthday by spending a day with myself from sun up till sundown. I have never done this in my entire life. I have a few activities that I want to do, feel, and experience. I plan to document it and truly sit in it calmly. Life should be celebrated at every turn and so it will be…

    As I look at myself, I realize once again that I am here. I have made it through so much difficulty and stress, and I am still here. To recognize that you exist in full and magnificent form is crucial.. Mistakes, bad judgements, and any forks in the road are behind me. The road ahead is golden and ripe with possibility….

   I have so many goals to accomplish yet. I have a list that describes the things that I have yet to do..Are you excited about what’s to come? Have you made a list of the things you want to knock out while you still can? It’s a must for me. I am life force, possibility, love, and light. I’m going to suck the marrow out of the future. I am certain of it….

Thank you for being here, 



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