A Better You Afterwards...

  I have heard so many people say that they hope they come out of the current time a better person. What does that actually mean though? If you are better than the current you, will anyone really notice? Can you say that it is actually measurable? What if only you can feel the change? Will that be grand enough? I say a resounding yes!!!If we feel better when the world opens back up, then it was all worth it in a big way. The issue is, who is actually making the effort right now?

  The major reason for not doing most things seems to be time. I would do that if I had more time. I would be at the gym each and every day, if I had more time. If I had more time, I would take that course and get certified. Have you ever said one fo those things and really meant it? I asked a friend of mine what has he been doing with all of his time? His answer was that he was just chillin. By the way I have no idea what he is doing for money right now, but I know chillin is not writing his checks at all. Is it that if we tell people that we are doing too much or just certain things that we feel a bit strange? Can someone taunt you for doing too much? I guess that is very possible actually.

   Skills are what separate all of us on many levels. The jobs that are plentiful pay very little. While the jobs that require loads of skill pay so well that there will always be a divide in that way. However, there is a silver lining, and that is the fact that we can all acquire new skills to our hearts content. Do you have enough knowledge right now to cover you for the rest of your life? Can what you know right now in total create enough financial cushion to carry you into the days when you will not be able to walk or move as well? These are the questions that we all have to ask sooner or later. So when all of this pausing of life as we know it passes, who will you be then? It is said that a brain or a mind that is stretched to a new shape almost never goes back to its original capacity. Where does that leave you?

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