Thank You Miss Corona

   Here we are, all of us. This is a time like no other in the history of the earth. The things that we did all of the time to soothe our souls are all shut down. The city that never sleeps is finally taking a well deserved nap until further notice. I could say that I have no words, but then what am I doing here right now then?

   Thank you Miss Corona for forcing the world to slow down. Thank you for allowing us to spend time with each other and possibly learn about what some of our other strengths are and to actually use them. Thank you for exposing the non essentials in life. Those things that we thought that we could not live without. Well, here we are still alive and nothing happened. Well, something did happen. We are all, for once, in the same boat no matter how we spin it.

   It doesn't matter why we are here right now at all. Some say that it was in the Bible and that it is right on track as far as timing goes. Some say that Mother Nature has finally put her foot down and demanded for us to save her life. While others are just panicking and do not know what to do at all. The one thing that matters in that we preserve human life. People will always matter more than things. Our belongings to not make us who we are at all. Even where we go and who we go there with will not save our lives. The thing that matters is how we stand up for ourselves as well as others.

    Thank you Miss Corona for taking everything down a few notches to remind everyone that life is a gift and a rare opportunity to create more life. No, I do not mean actually creating a new child, however, that is part of it. All of the gossiping and the judgement and the mistreatment of the earth pays no dividends at all. Loving and caring for your fellow man and woman is key above all else. Thank you Miss Corona for giving us this huge jolt!! It matters that everyone pay close attention to this time, because when this passes by, we will be forever changed.

    I support each and everyone of you no matter what. Reach out to me and tell me how you feel.
Love and light will elevate us all no matter what. Pull up and get involved for the greater good of this beautiful earth. It matters....

All the best to you,



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