You Should Be Famous By Now

  I love my friends. They are loyal and they let me know what time it is on every level. Most of my people are in music that I am close with for the most part. We trade stories and we help each other out when we can in any way that we can. The interesting thing is that we sometimes root for others more than we root for ourselves. Let me clarify, some of us do this and some of us don't realize that we are doing it. Overall, it's a tender subject.

   So as I was on the phone with one of my most consistent supporters of all time, they told me that I should be a household name by now. They said with all that you do and all that you have done, people should be talking about you by now! You should be getting noticed as you walk down the street in NYC. When you open up a magazine, you should see yourself!

   I knew that this was all coming from a wholesome place, however, I felt the same about this person as well. At a certain point, people who care for you think that you have taken enough hits and have paid enough dues to have broken through the tape. They feel that people should be calling you first, and that you should be making top dollar at every event.Unfortunately, it does not work like that. One moment and one connection could change it all, but until then, the hard work continues. I sit corrected, the passionate and very fulfilling play continues. I am careful how I describe it.

    My good friend had such focus in their communication about this topic and they were really making sure that I got this message. I listened and I took it in. It made me a bit tense for a moment as my internal voices started agreeing and sending me into a bit of a mental and soul frenzy. However, I knew that I was still on track. That thing that links up with me has not done so as of yet. The process is sometimes brutal, because you have to keep taking risks and showing up even on the dark days. Its not for the weak minded souls at all.

      I left the call inspired actually. When someone cares enough to lay it on the line for you in such a serious way, it makes you think. It made me think about how many risks I am not taking. How many days I am not practicing enough.How many people are working harder than me on a daily basis. Then I caught myself and reminded my soul that I can step harder on the gas at any time. Other people's progress is none of my business at all. I am not measuring my forward motion against anyone else.

      As I said, my friend meant well, however, If I was supposed to be famous right now, I would be. In truth, fame is not made me start performing at all. I started because it gave me air and freedom to express myself through songs and performance. What will be will certainly be. I am on the right path. I can feel it. Just remember, whatever you do, stay on the path. Thank you for being here...I appreciate you.



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