The Recovery Time

   I have lots of conversation with people about the challenging things in life. These things are different from person to person. However, there are things that really and truly are of concern to the general public. Are we being loved properly? Will we make it through the tough times? Will we make a difference to someone. These are high up on the list. But one thing that is not spoken about enough is our actual recovery time. Meaning, the time that it takes for us to get back up again after life hits us hard in one way or another.

    We need to recover when we are not faced with a comfortable outcome, or so it seems. We need to recover when we are left to fend for ourselves and things go a little sour. We need to recover when people take all of our delicious tools an somehow ignore or mistreat them. Recovery is absolutely
essential. But who teaches us these things? Can one take a course to get better at it? Will we get to shadow someone that does it well? The answer is no, no, no. We all have to get hit to know how to recover, at least that is my feeling.

    Can another person tell you how to correctly recover from a big blow? I think that they can only suggest things and see which one you take, as I relates to the bigger picture. No two people have the same instinct on how to make it all flow. That is why we are here, to gain experiences and to give out wisdom to make the ride smoother for someone else. It's actually quite a nice exchange.

     In closing, take time to watch how you quickly recover. Watch how you begin to complain after something happens or when you are being unrightfully challenged. Do your recovery skills fit you just right at this moment or do you need some recovery time juice? Meaning, do you need to pull away from the madness quicker so that you can breathe an move forward? I read a post from my Aunt a day or so ago that said she was throwing away old journals because she didn't need those bad memories anymore. That is a form of recovery if you ask me. Recovery time is real. Use it, live it, and be happier that you can recognize it at all. I'm out like jelly shoes.



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