The Joy Of Capturing Life

  I filmed today for a wonderful and talented friend of mine. I mentioned her in a previous posting and we are getting closer and closer to getting our project on the cutting board if you will. I have always been interested in filming things with a manual, digital, or video camera. My skills have gotten better and better as the years have rolled on. I get so much joy out of having these memories to watch over and over again.

   The act of concentrating on one subject and accentuating their best parts is exciting within itself. I shot digital still shots as well as video. It was late in the afternoon into the evening, and the light was just perfect. I prefer shooting with natural lighting more than not. However, if the subject is amazing, then it really does not matter. The weather was so chilly and brisk. Sometimes when I have a shoot, it just goes smoothly. Today was one of those days.

    Armed with my GoPro and my Nikon digital camera, I was in heaven. When I have equipment to capture life, I am happy. I believe everyone should shoot pictures at one time or another. It forces you take what you gravitate to and accentuate it. It allows you to freeze something that you love looking at and save it for life. It also allows you to see some of it's seemingly not so attractive angles as well, which makes it more interesting.

    In closing, we should all capture life, through a camera or any other one of the many ways that are available to us. It soothes the soul, awakens the spirit, and lets you know that each an every moment is fleeting. That is of course if you don't have a camera. But why would anyone step outside without a camera close by? That is the question that I always ask myself. Ciao for now peeps..



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