Renewal of Strengths

  I believe that we all have strengths. We are all great at something and we usually know it deep inside. However, the average Joe or Jane picks and chooses how much of their strengths, magic, or gifts that they expose to the world. Furthermore, we all tend to hide our weaknesses as well. I am sure that I have just described 75% of the people in the entire world. The other 25% would never admit it, however, they have their own struggles just like the rest of us. No judgment, its just human nature.

   Somehow I got wrapped up in my untapped strengths today. Meaning things that I know that I can handle that have somehow been passed over or pushed to the side for way too long. The conversation of abundance and the what are its limits has been weighing on me. Oh and by the way, there are no limits on abundance ever. Well let me change that a little bit. There are as many limits on it that we claim, and then we are in control of it going forward. I believe this with all of my soul.

    If each and every one of us had 10 strengths, which one would we lean on the most? I guess I should flat out ask you which ones you use the most right now? I asked myself this question today and it gave birth to an entire afternoon of introspection. If we play small, we reap small benefits as well as small points of view from our associations in general. Meaning we attract people by the way that we think and them act. I find myself to be more of a loner than not, however I have some very intelligent people in my circle that I can call upon at any moment. This is a blessing. Just the other day I was having a high level conversation with a friend who lives far away and he said something that was a great reminder to me. His message was that instead of people telling themselves that they can't do something, they should switch that to how "CAN" I do this particular thing. That was a renewal of strength tool. I so appreciated it beyond measure.
     I put myself in a space of times when I was my most powerful today. In other words, I remembered to remember. Celebrating the strengths that have given you the most wins is a tool that will never be wasted. Like the time you crammed for that test that you got an A or a B on? You knew that you dug in and made it happen. Many times when we lift up, raise up, or tighten up, our bodies and our mental state whispers to us and lets us know that its been there all along. It tends to spring into action when we are challenged or inspired.

      In closing, this is just a self assessment that has partially slid into this blog. I'm calling upon some of my super powers to navigate through some challenges right now, however, I feel strong and capable to push through. These are indeed such exciting times. Deciding, striving, and catalyzing....Onward.



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