Leading With Your Magic

    I am assisting a very talented artist with her gifts. We are truly taking our time so that we can allow her to shine in front of her audience in about two months. She is a bit anxious as we get closer and closer to the show date, however, she is more than capable of rocking this show to the heavens.

    At a certain point in our lives we experience a sort of deficit as it relates to belief in our abilities. Then there are young people who have so much, however, they don't see perfection so they complain. My good friend has the magic and then some. I have enlisted myself to be a catalyst, a linchpin, a source of readily available fire power.

    When we venture out into new territory, there's always that little bit of hesitancy, however, with the right blueprint, it's all possible. When you have the right people behind you and you are serious. The purpose of this blog is to send vibrations to my student. I don't believe that there are any mistakes. The fact that I was chosen to partner up with my good friend was no mistake. The truth is, I offered to help her every step of the way and she agreed.

     So I asked myself today, what makes me so sure that I can lead this woman into this magical mindset, where she can knock out her one woman show? My answers were personal to me since I asked the question and I chose to answer it. In short, I believe that I have the thing that can push her through her fear. Have you ever known without a doubt that what you have can undoubtedly positively affect another human being? It's very fulfilling and its almost always non negotiable.

     I speak of magic often. It's in the name of this blog. I am always fascinated with slight of hand magic. I believe that us just being here is magic. I believe that it's magic that we can speak to someone thousands and thousands of miles away without a cord attached to our phone. I believe that the fact that we are able to heal our own bodies is magic. There is magic everywhere. I digress.

    In closing, I do not believe that anyone can quantify how much magic another human being has in their body. We cannot truly measure capacity even if we test it feverishly. All that I do know is that sometimes we require other people's magic and belief to move forward and prosper in our own way and on our own terms. Sometimes our own fire power is lacking. Sometimes we just need that little nudge to push us over the edge to breathe a slightly different quality of air. We all have the capacity to do that for at least one person outside of ourselves. Thank you for reading this blog. It matters to me.



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