Knowing Those Around You, Polishing The Diamonds

   Who are the people around you and what do they bring into your life? What are qualities that move you or pull you down at times? Do you gravitate towards those that support you or the ones that challenge you at every turn? I am sure each one of us has had that one friend that is a bit darker on certain topics, and always seems to be wearing that shirt with the words devil's advocate on it no matter what. How did they get here right next to us and why do we let them stay?

     A certain group of people come to mind and I would never write their names here, nor would I even hint at who they were. Its just that they made such a profound impression on me and I still carry the lessons that they taught me deep in my chest, no matter where I am. I certainly do believe that human beings are full on never ending classes in how to or how not to exist in an interpersonal way. In other words, your closest people are teaching you about how much you want to live in your personal integrity or how you do not want to live in it. We are so fragile form the inside out and can often times not find the right sounding board to release into.
      On the upside, there is always that diamond on the rough that just keeps on showing up no matter what to make sure that you are vibrating and flowing well. Sometimes you feel as though they care for you more than you care for yourself. They let you know your importance in their life and they reiterate it quite frequently. We all love to hear our name and we all love to hear that we matter at any time in the day. This is truly one of the hallmarks of life and of  human interaction. It makes all things blossom...

       I certainly do not sit down to write about those who are not in my circle anymore. I sat down to recognize how amazing it is for someone to recognize your magic. They are there and they tell you that they will be there no matter what. Its fulfilling, yet I don't believe that we can make it only on the edification of others. Its also important that we claim our worth within ourselves as well. I continue to practice this particular action because at times our particular brand of brilliance can fall by the waist side in some situations. It can cause us to second guess our direction and perspective. But all in all and by and by, its about our truth. Are we living it, giving it, and practicing it? We will most probably be asking these questions until we leave this earth, however, the journey is still ahead of us and we should enjoy it no matter what. I am so grateful for those who keep shining the light in my direction. It is because of them that I stay LIT!!!!!! Enjoy this evening and of course the coming days ahead one by one....




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