Do You HearThat?

  Do you hear that voice that is telling you that you have miles more inside of you to bring out to the world? Do you hear that? That constant reminder almost each and every day that you need to pick up the pace? Do you hear that? That itching within your soul to pull from deeper within? Do you hear that? That yearning for something more, something grander, something lots less mediocre? Do you hear that? Those around you who are doing more than you with less passion and more connections in general. Do you hear that?

   This posting is of course in reference to the voices in our heads. The questioning, the doubting, the insights, the slips and falls, and of course the unexpected. This voice always speaks to us, even though we don't always listen. I am an observer, quite a professional one if I do say so myself. So I am declaring that there are most likely millions of people who hear these voices. I am just asking if you are in this group.

    Today as I was walking up a very busy set of escalators, I saw something that gave me pause. Picture this for a moment. There are two escalators. One is going up and one is broken. However, you would assume that if it was running properly, that it would be coming down. So one going up and one going down. Here is the quagmire, there were 3 sets of people going up and only one set of people coming down. How is this possible you ask? Well, the people going up the escalator broke themselves into two groups. Those who had to go really fast up the escalator by walking on the moving escalator, and those who just stood and let the escalator take them up. Then on the other side, the stationary escalator that was broken had two sets of people. One group was coming down and one group was going up. The moral of this story and the way that I saw this was quite insightful. The people who were on the first escalator were driven to going up, but probably picked that escalator because it was moving. The second group was comprised of those who didn't want to wait to get on the moving escalator, so they went to the one that was broken and walked it to the top. They took control of their own direction.

     So three separate groups going up and only one coming down. Firstly, there will always be people coming down life's escalator. To deny that would be naïve. However, you cannot stop a person who will find a way up the escalator no matter what. That is just facts in plain view. By the same token, those who want to go down will always find a way as well. By the way, if you are wondering which escalator I took? I took the one that was working, because I decided a long time ago that I did not want to mix with those who are deliberately going down unless I was going to commit to raising them back up in some kind of way. Strangely enough, it seemed as though the escalator that was broken had faster moving walkers who got to the top quicker. In other words, when we are inspired to move, we take immediate action and many times we can leave all others in the dust with just our sheer will. Thank you for just being present..



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