Dirty Bathrooms And Forgotten Lyrics

    Ahhh yes, the random title filled with the details of life and how they affect us. Well, some of us that is. If you've been reading this blog for quite some time, you are quite aware that the random title will show up from time to time. Its the beginning of another year and the mind is full of the possibilities that loom as well as the things that have slipped past us in one way or another. I don't suggest on dwelling in the latter. I am challenging myself to make this the year of the most posts written in one 365 day period thus far. Here I go!! Welcome back and thank you for waiting patiently in the wings.
     Now let's really zero in on one of life's necessities. We all go to the bathroom a few times a day or more. The rub is that sometimes we find ourselves in a bathroom that we have no responsibility for at all.The public bathroom is an experience that can truly sway your opinion on a an establishment in rapid time. So to break this down to brass tacks, we do what we do in different ways. Men and woman have two different techniques and they have been practiced for years upon years. So my question is, who is the dirtier sex when it comes down to it? When I ask women about their experience in a public toilet, they always tell me that women will always be the filthier sex. This always floors me.

     I have first hand of my movements in a public bathroom. Wait, I should have written that differently. Anyhow, I can clearly see how disgusting men can be in the rest room. Just smelling any other man's urine is the beginning of the end for me. There will most certainly be no mention of number 2 at all within this posting. My point is, this room is meant for the disposal of waste. How is it that this concept can get so lost and be left unsupervised for so long at times?  This is the question that follows me around like a shadow. I was taught a very long time ago while I worked in restaurants, that the way the bathroom looks, smells, and feels, is a direct indicator of how clean a restaurant is all around. Yes that means even as it relates to the preparation of your food. A daunting thought to say the very least.

      To wrap this up, what goes through your mind when a bathroom looks like a crime scene from Law And Order? Do you attempt clean it a little bit in the area that you are temporarily occupying? Do you carry out your business rapidly and close our eyes and nose? I just wish that each person went in with the mindset that they would leave it pristine for the next guest. I mean how much does it take? I went into a public bathroom today at a place that I loved before having that visit. I may or may not return. Yes, its that deep for me.

      If you are a singer, you realize how many lyrics a singer has to retain over years. Not all singers sing songs from many different genres, however, we are expected to know the ones that we have sung over and over again by heart. I immediately think of Frank Sinatra somehow when this topic flows through my brain. This man sang over 1300 songs in his career if I am not mistaken. Now even the sharpest brain has got to struggle with that number even just a little bit. As he got up in age, he traveled with a teleprompter at the foot of the stage no matter where he performed. His mind was definitely slowing down and he needed that assistance.

      This past New Year's Eve, one of my favorite artists sang for the festivities in Times Square. I have so much respect for him in so many ways. He was one of the singers that made me listen closer as I heard a tune. His name is Sting. The song he sang was originally released in 1999 and it is called "Brand New Day". It's also memorable because Stevie Wonder put a burning harmonica solo at the end of it. Enough of the back story. As I watched the replay of him singing, I could see that he did not know the lyrics to the song without reading the prompter. Then I asked myself, how many songs do you think Sting has written? I could not find this number online as of yet, but I do know that it would be a tall order to have all of them committed to memory. I am going to guess that the number is up around 350 at the very least.

       The magic in this series of sentences to me is that we are all so capable to create to the point where me may not even be able to keep it all in our one brain. There is something very beautiful about that. Like what if you made so many amazing memories that it worked in reverse and you couldn't ever recall any bad ones. Meaning you really just blocked them out. I forget lyrics sometimes and my trusty  electronic device helps me out. The difference is that I did not write these songs. How many passwords, sentences, scientific thoughts, algorithms, and so forth can you remember without the aid of a tablet or phone? If you write a song that travels around the world twice and affects large amounts of people, you may get a pass when you don't know the lyrics.He gets a pass from me because his tunes soothe and medicate and bring about introspection. I respect that.

       In closing, many times we forget the lyrics of our life. What do I mean about that? Well you know, treat others kindly, hold the door, say please, say thank you, and even just plain no. But what actually happens when we are faced with one of these challenges? When we forget our verbal/lyrical power? We have to go back to the drawing board. Its fine to forget the lyrics every now and again. All I am saying though, is...................even if you forget the lyrics, always know how to sing the song. That sentence will mean different things to different energies. Marinate in that.


                                                                          Thank you for staying till the end..




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