Can You Watch My Things?

  There is so much talk about trusting people in this life. This may be at work, in relationships, or even just trusting people to cook for you and put things that you like in the meal. I am just amazed at situations when people trust another for no apparent reason. This is something that I ponder quite a bit.

   I was sat in a very relaxing area doing some much needed work today inside the lobby of a place that I love. There were 4 other people sitting at a community like table. There was a young woman sitting about 3 feet in front of me working on her own stuff. We did not speak for the entire time that we sat across from each other. She seemed to be doing something related to a website update or adding info or something. I heard her phone call with a woman who seemed to be very close to her. Everything was normal for the most part.

    In about 15 minutes from then, she asked me very politely if I could watch her things while she goes to the bathroom. I of course told her that I would. I thought to myself immediately, "Why would you ask me to watch your things when you don't even know me at all?" Then I went a bit deeper into my brain. It just all boils down to feeling and gut and body language in my humble opinion. This woman didn't know my name, anything about me, nor did she even attempt to before asking  me to watch her things. This has happened so many times to me, so now I can honestly say that energy is real. She left her purse, laptop, coat, and work papers right in front of me. Did she ask me to watch it because I was the closest person to her at that point?  Was it just convenient? Who knows? Right?

    When she returned, she thanked me. I told her that it was not a problem, and then I asked her name. I won't repeat it here. Partially because I did not get her permission, and partly because it was a very unique name that I will probably butcher up badly if I attempt to recreate it. Either way this little interaction gave me just a little bit more of hope for humanity. Yes, I know that this happens a lot in life. However, its still OK to recognize it.

                                                                                                            Be well,



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