Born On Third Base

   This sentence got my attention today. I was listening to one of my favorite pod casts and the host  said that he was aware that he was born on third base. I immediately had an idea of what he may have meant. It means quite simply those who were born into an easier of more privileged life from the very beginning. For example being born into money or easy circumstances like a Paris Hilton or a Kennedy or even Kanye's children. How does that affect your life and how do you flow through the maze?

    I've had this conversation with people in the past. I have even watched people who have been close to me in school or in my performance life. They don't seem to really notice their fortunate life for the most part. Honestly, I tend to hear a lot of complaining from the people who seem to have it really good. However, if I think that they have it really good, then that is from my perspective isn't it? One person's great life is another one's not so good life. If everyone born with a huge head start continued to work hard and go after what they loved, there would be way more successful human beings wouldn't there be? I think you get my point.

     In my humble opinion, the so called "head start", is just a start for those people. In other words, when you arrive here on planet earth, you push or you don't push in the direction of your own personal happiness. If you are content where you are, then so be it. There are couples who look like they have everything from the outside and behind closed doors they are fighting like cats and dogs. By the same token, there are people who seem like the world is their oyster and they are smiling and jumping and skipping in public. But behind closed doors they are depressed and crying every night. Some of them were born on third base, yet they live their lives like they have not left the dugout.

     In closing, we all have to do something here to make things vibrate on some level. If you get a pass, well then you should help someone else. If you can't help others, then keep on working on yourself. Life is magical either way. Thank you for being here. I appreciate you.




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