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The $5 Umbrella / Talk To Strangers

So there I was today walking down the street peacefully, when BAM!!!! The rain came down faster than a tire change during the Indianapolis 500! I enjoy seeing human beings that are forced to make a decision within a moment. We all do different things based on our own programming and even who we are with when things happen.It rains all over the world multiple times a year, however, how many people are truly prepared for it each and every time?

   I was near Penn Station when the sky opened up, so I just went inside and stood under an area that was covered completely, and I missed it all. The interesting thing though, is that I stayed there fora good 45 minutes just observing people. There was a cool breeze that swept up and down these long stairs that lead into the heart of Penn Station. As people ascended on to the street area, either by escalator or steps, they could feel the rain way before they saw it. I love this about energy. It always lets you know when to prepare. The proble…