The Fast Nature Of Time

     Its been said so many times that time moves so very fast. It has also been said that we should take care of the present moment because its all that we have. I believe these statements now that I have matured quite a bit and I can truly see the realness in these sentiments. It seems that I am pondering the seriousness of how fragile time is and also how a large majority of people are choosing to hurt others with their time. This is definitely all too prevalent.

      I listened the other day as I heard the person on the other line speak about their roommate and how she was being difficult and not helpful at all.She explained that if she could just talk to her and get out all of the frustrations, then maybe they could move forward and have a great little friendship. Who knows, maybe they could even actually do some things together and actually support one another? This was all not received well by the star of the show, however, it would have been nice to know how all of this started in the first place?

      The mental obstacles that are highlighted by the egos deep wanting to be in control and correct wind up depleting us more than anything else. Time shows us that the most important thing that we have is what we are creating right now. Each person gets 24 hours per day to create and recreate, over and over again. Approximately 8 to sleep, and 16 to work, play, make love, procrastinate, ponder, observe, and concentrate on your life.

       Tonight I am focused on time and what it offers us or takes away from us. How do we use it? How have we wasted it? Who has robbed us of our time just because we allowed them to infiltrate our inner balance? What have we allowed to glide right past us, just because we swore that we had more time than we actually did or do? The fact of the matter is that time is never actually speeding up or slowing down. If time does really exist, it's actually probably laughing at us to even think that we could speed it up or slow it down. The time is now. Let's do this. In the biggest way possible..




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