The $5 Umbrella / Talk To Strangers

  So there I was today walking down the street peacefully, when BAM!!!! The rain came down faster than a tire change during the Indianapolis 500! I enjoy seeing human beings that are forced to make a decision within a moment. We all do different things based on our own programming and even who we are with when things happen.It rains all over the world multiple times a year, however, how many people are truly prepared for it each and every time?

   I was near Penn Station when the sky opened up, so I just went inside and stood under an area that was covered completely, and I missed it all. The interesting thing though, is that I stayed there fora good 45 minutes just observing people. There was a cool breeze that swept up and down these long stairs that lead into the heart of Penn Station. As people ascended on to the street area, either by escalator or steps, they could feel the rain way before they saw it. I love this about energy. It always lets you know when to prepare. The problem is, we don't always listen.

   Right in front of me were 3 different men selling umbrellas ranging from 5 to 15 dollars in price. As you can probably imagine, there was an obvious difference in the strength that anyone could see. What I noticed was that the $5 ones were selling like oil lamps in an electrical blackout! People were coming off of the steps or escalator and buying and umbrella. Remember, this rain was that of a Brazilian rain forest. It happened rapidly and came down hard.

   Now to the core of this posting. People bought cheap umbrellas and they didn't even stop to think for one minute if it were feasible to spend $5 on an umbrella that you wanted to shield you from rain that was clearly stronger than the umbrella?? Now think about this just for a moment. If a $5 umbrella could produce protection from a very strong storm, why would anyone by one of $65-100?

   As I watched this gentleman sell umbrella after umbrella, I am sure that he made about $80 in about 30 minutes. I realized in that moment that he was exactly where all of the fish were biting, so he got to reap the benefits of the seed. In that moment, quality or longevity was not the issue at all. The issue was quick and individual cover from the rain. That was it completely. People were darting into Penn to get out of the rain because they were drenched and people were second guessing leaving Penn based on what they saw up ahead. I was fixated on these salesmen.

    In closing, I was amazed how many levels of cheap umbrellas were just flying off the rack!! This was a lesson on a microscopic level, yet it hit me in a huge way. When we purchase a tangible item at any time, are we thinking about the present moment, or the near future, or the distant future? All of us can answer this question on our own. Its a worthwhile question to answer for sure. What I do know though, is that the system thrives on the quick minded lizard brain that makes rash decisions without solid thought. This is allows many entities the ability to take, take, and take even more.

     Strangers are everywhere. What makes them strange though? Who came up with that? A better question is what is your definition of strange? What if we called them "Flowers" (as in one who flows). Then we could allow them to flow and then we can decide if their flow is to our liking. Until then, how do we know what is about to unfold in front of us? I believe that we all want a chance to shine and to just expose who we truly are.

      A young woman sat next to me on a bar stool in a very busy multi functional sports and eating establishment. She was about to attend a concert at Madison Square Garden tonight. Her stool was stuck and I asked her if she was OK. The conversation opened and went in three different directions. To make a long story sort, she was in entertainment and we had the same kind of multi-faceted life and lifestyle. I told her that I had a project that was in motion and that she may be interested in it. She was a loquacious and vibrant energy. I gave her my social media info and she rushed off to see The Foo Fighters in concert. There was a reason why we met. I have no idea what that is, however, there is surely a reason.

       Let's talk to more people who are flowing. Let's open our hearts and just explore a little bit more. Let's get more curious about people and how they are "flowing". Thank you for being here and being patient during my hiatus. I have been in the lab creating a few things. I appreciate you all..



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