The Art Of Giving And Receiving

 Many times in our lives we are given something and we don't necessarily know why. It may be because someone remembered that we did something for them and they just wanted to appreciate us. It could also be a situation where a person just cares for us and they want to show us. We don't always see it coming, and that is just fine actually. To be a human being that actually allows themselves to receive is a strong virtue in my humble opinion.

  Recently, I gave an item to someone that I just wanted to gift with something that they wanted. I had several of this particular item and I wanted them to have one of their own. I told them that they can get it from me whenever they liked. I left it completely in their hands. After almost one month, they contacted me and I delivered it over lunch as promised. I felt good and they seemed to be happy as well. However, a few short days later, they told me that they would like to acquire their own when the time was right. I caught myself before I became judgmental in this moment. Did I do something wrong? Did I not offer it up the right way? I had 5 stories written and ready to go to print. However, they were just that, my own stories.

   Just the other day, I met up with a fellow musician friend of mine. He is a young man with a golden heart and so much talent that it is just silly. He and I had not gotten together or even played on the same stage for quite some time. However, just like water we flowed without and difficulty.We chose a Greek spot and we both had an amazing vegetable meal. Before we ate though, he told me that he would pay for my meal. I was just about to open my mouth to veto his kind gesture and my soul stopped me. I was not supposed to block this blessing in my mind, so I did not. I even told him that I would graciously accept his kind gesture. I believe that we also make others happy when we don't try to block the flow. Its not necessary to block the flow of giving. We all need to feel a certain amount of receiving in this lifetime. I believe that we can give more freely afterwards as well.

   In closing, I am paying more attention to the give and receive ratio in my life right now. I feel its important to give and receive. However, I also believe that when we learn how to give more of ourselves, the receiving elevates to a whole other level without us even having to think about it. We need more giving and we need it right now. The world is so very hungry for it. Thank you for being here. I greatly appreciate it.



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