Navigating Your Gifts

  We are all here to expose all of our gifts. I truly believe that with all of my being. The bigger question is how do we navigate our gifts? Which one of them do we concentrate on and who do we bless them with and when? I could not possibly answer that question for each and every person that reads this blog. I think you know this very well. However, as each day goes by I truly work at letting another gift be strengthened in one way or another. Its challenging because just like children, you fear that you may concentrate on one more than the others and somehow make them feel less than or left out. This is the challenge and this is also the process that must be constantly crafted and also allowed to flow in its own way.

   Many times people have asked me what I like to do the most. Is it singing, dancing, playing, acting, writing stories and lyrics, taking photos,or public speaking? The answer that I never ever give to anyone is, I like to do as many of them as I possibly can, either at the same time or as close to each other as I can. Its like asking a mother which one of her 8 kids she loves the most? What mother could answer that without being straight up stifled? So there is the grand conundrum. Balance is the major task that must be faced up to with an open heart and an open mind. I am still learning and still happy to be a student as well. I am not striving for expert status. I only strive to be forever passionate about each and every thing that I do that lights me up from the inside out.

    You may be asking yourself how do you know the difference between a gift and a passion? Well that is simple to me. What you are passionate about will always be a gift to someone at some time.In the same vein, when you have a gift, its that much easier to be passionate about it. Its just up to us to keep spreading them until they reach that person who truly needs it. They may let you know that you have reached them,and they may stay quiet and just let it seep into their soul privately. Either way, its a joy to be able to deliver it at will. I have experienced this many times on the giving and receiving ends. Its one of my grandest experiences in life.

    In closing, I have not found a map as of yet that tells me how to correctly balance or navigate my gifts properly. I have just been following my gut for all of this time. Right now I have a strong urge to go within a bit deeper and expose some of what I have been hiding. Which is strange because I can't say that I have specifically tried to hide it, its just that growth seems to call things out of you. So ask yourself, what gifts are you hiding from the world?  Why are you hiding them? Are you ready to release them? If you do not, then know that they will never be seen by the world or heal anyone that may need them. I will leave you with that. Oh and by the way, If you need help exposing your gifts, listen to your gut. It has the master plan at all times. Take that leap that will teach you how far your wings can really stretch. I support you. Thank you



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