The Beauty of a Run and Find

I use my workouts not only as a place to prepare or cultivate mental conditioning and physical strength but also to explore ideas, thoughts and be more receptive to information that wants to flow. I often get creative ideas when running in particular. Today, there was a theme that had a pressing need to be expressed while I was out on the open trail. The theme today was complete and total self-acceptance. Acceptance of all aspects of myself, my perspective, my life and everything in it -- now as it is. This does not mean I am not working towards goals or modifications but as I see it in this moment, to simply honor myself and the moment now (regardless of what the world, television or outside environment may say to the contrary). Learning how to relax even more and to push forward -- both have helped me to go even deeper into an awareness that becomes increasingly clear and useful over time.
Gratitude. I feel so thankful for the fruit that running provides in my life -- particularly on a creative and mental level. My running time offers a tremendous way of working with myself and, if you choose to share the time with others, it offers a beautiful way of sharing quality time with others.
Balance and Stress Management. I have found that energy work (such as Reiki, Yuen Method, acupuncture, and meditation) can be incredibly powerful in support of healing the mind/body and for personal growth, transformation and to manage stress. Check out this healing music I found online Reiki healing music video. I have used this type instrumental music while I work, to relax and during meditation. You can even play them while you sleep and wake up inspired and feeling like new money! Take good care of YOU. Brigitte Taylor @suitebrigitte


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