How To Build Momentum

   This post is sort of a play on words as opposed to an actual how-to. You see I can tell you how I build it, or I can tell you how others that I've studied for years have built it. Either way, you will develop your own way to reach your goal. It's an age old fact that we will always find our own spin on almost every actual instruction. Human beings are not wired to actually follow if there is a possibility of being humiliated or failing or not performing up to par. Our minds will protect us at all costs.

     As the year begins, a large portion of people are racking their brains on how to build momentum. How will I get more customers, more flow, more money? In my humble opinion, the answer is, more doing. More forward action. More outside of our general speed of doing everything. In short, less standing in place, more stepping in the direction of ANY goal. I wrote a new set of yearly goals today. These are not resolutions, they are goals, benchmarks, or focal points. I will save resolutions for pianists. It is said after careful study of thousands of so called resolutioners, that after 6 months over half of all of them have stopped completely. Most of them had no support and the others didn't want it bad enough to continue. It's just human nature right?

     I am very aware that which I set out to accomplish is best done when I am constantly being reminded of it. When I want to play more guitar, I change the location of the guitar to in front of the bathroom or next to the bed. I cannot ignore it this way and I am held accountable. When I am held accountable, all bets are off. I step up to the plate and it's done. However, we can all set it up so that we run from the accountability monster. We just rig the game in our favor. We set the bar low, and nothing is expected of us!!!! So perfect and so not conducive climate to growth. I know you smell what I am cooking.

     In closing, my goodness there are so many ways to get it done. I have a bit of an underdog complex sometimes. This does not mean that I shoot low or that I plan to be underdog. It means that I am inspired by those who do so much with so little. Like a guy or girl who enters the Indianapolis 500 with a Volkswagen bug and then comes in second to everyone's chagrin. It's those homosapiens that are packing more ammunition than excuses that we can all learn from. They are dangerous and they can teach us a world of things. Class is in full session. 2018 is not ready for those who seem to trash talk and then decide to walk the walk. I am that being, without the trash of course!! Ha!! Saddle up and let's ride together.



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