2018, The Year Of New

   We have all made it through another year. The ups and downs, and the smiles and frowns. We made it through all of these things. Our programming tells us that there is another year ahead of us. The triggers all around us let us know that all of the past years crap is behind us as well. Isn’t it fascinating that most people cannot move until these triggers take affect? Almost no one is immune from this deeply rooted mentally powerful programming.

    When the ball drops, there is an overwhelming amount of joy and release. It is felt collectively and it reaches out across the world into all of its time zones. I am so amazed by its power. So if someone had decided that snatch was the first month of the year, then we wound be celebrating then. Of course we all know that March is not the start of the year. It’s just interesting to imagine that it was for a moment or so. I see the change in people and I also see how short lived it is. This is what gets my gears going.

     Here come the resolutions and the promises to ourselves that this year will be totally different from the last. I can tell you from my experience that it takes quite a bit to change your current behavior. On some level, we are comfortable right where we are. It’s like when a person says that  you are single because you want to be. Or that you are broke because you want to be. I believe there is some truth in that. It may not be that you want to be, but it’s where the comfort zone marinates at its finest.

      This time of the year, I am focused on my direction and my current state of being. All of the collective magic moments are in a mental file and they stream by like the numbers on an electric display down on Wall Street. Decisions, choices, mind sets, and most of all commitments. When we delve into these, I believe the true epiphanies arise. You know those moments when your own awareness of yourself is screaming louder than anything else. We’ve all been there right?

      In closing, I truly feel that we should be taking it easier, yet showing up daily kind we really mean it. Waking up with purpose on purpose. Smiling at ourselves in the mirror as we tell ourselves that it’s on! The next level or the next plateau. Exposing our better selves and cutting away the fat. We need some Dad, and that will never change. However, seriously letting go of the nonsense that drags us down. That is what my focus is for the day known as tomorrow. One step at a time, it can be done. We cannot see the entire staircase, as the saying goes. Just that next step is all that we need. It adds up and then we become so much stronger day by day. I believe in you and thank you for being here. Are you ready to step forward with your soul open and your mind focused? Pull the top cord without waiting for permission.



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