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How To Build Momentum

This post is sort of a play on words as opposed to an actual how-to. You see I can tell you how I build it, or I can tell you how others that I've studied for years have built it. Either way, you will develop your own way to reach your goal. It's an age old fact that we will always find our own spin on almost every actual instruction. Human beings are not wired to actually follow if there is a possibility of being humiliated or failing or not performing up to par. Our minds will protect us at all costs.

     As the year begins, a large portion of people are racking their brains on how to build momentum. How will I get more customers, more flow, more money? In my humble opinion, the answer is, more doing. More forward action. More outside of our general speed of doing everything. In short, less standing in place, more stepping in the direction of ANY goal. I wrote a new set of yearly goals today. These are not resolutions, they are goals, benchmarks, or focal points. I will…

2018, The Year Of New

We have all made it through another year. The ups and downs, and the smiles and frowns. We made it through all of these things. Our programming tells us that there is another year ahead of us. The triggers all around us let us know that all of the past years crap is behind us as well. Isn’t it fascinating that most people cannot move until these triggers take affect? Almost no one is immune from this deeply rooted mentally powerful programming.

    When the ball drops, there is an overwhelming amount of joy and release. It is felt collectively and it reaches out across the world into all of its time zones. I am so amazed by its power. So if someone had decided that snatch was the first month of the year, then we wound be celebrating then. Of course we all know that March is not the start of the year. It’s just interesting to imagine that it was for a moment or so. I see the change in people and I also see how short lived it is. This is what gets my gears going.

     Here come the …