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The Incentive And The Reward

When we are in a situation where there is an incentive to do better, who does it affect the most? If you are an overachiever already, does it push you further or does it not matter to you at all? Let's be real. On some level we all like to know that there is more to be had at another level correct? We definitely won't all go for it, but we like to know that it's available right?

    I find incentive to be such a powerful tool. The thing is though, is there a healthy amount of care involved when there is incentive put in place? Or is it just about the bottom line and what can be gained financially from pushing a team to their absolute productivity limit? I had a conversation about this earlier today with a gentleman who believes that companies don't care about those people who do not produce for them. This gave me pause and made me go deeper in my mind about it.

     Now if your employer cares for you, it would only seem normal for them to give you every opportunity…

When The Mind Sees It

I believe that the statement, “When you believe it, you will see it”, is true. When we focus on what we want to become, so many magical things happen on a consistent basis. Today I wrote out my plan in my productivity planner for the day. Without too much effort, almost everything got done. I can pretty much give the credit to what was written down in the book to how my day turned out. It’s like an underground science of sorts. I was careful to set myself up for victory. Whereas in the past I would put too many things to accomplish on the list.

    It has been my experience that whatever I decide to do ahead of time very rarely fails. The other thing is that you don’t have to involve anyone but yourself when you are compiling this list. I actually enjoy writing in this planner? So as the day has passed, I can see what I was doing and if I completed the talk it story

     When the mind sees it and cross examines it, something happens. It’s also my belief that my growth has so much…