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Bottle Released

Sometimes in life you just wish people would do better. However, the version of better that you wish they would do is inevitably your version of better. This will usually not work because you are not them. So I say to myself, " Isn't it just obvious that such and such is not being carried out properly?" I once again have to admit that the statement is also not exactly true. This is a lead in to my story.

     Once again on the train I observed an action that gave me pause. I was sitting on a relatively empty train. I watched people as I always do. The information that is available on one train ride is just so plentiful that it rocks my soul. There was a man sitting to my immediate right across from me. The doors opened at the next stop and he released a bottle around the door from a seated position that landed under the train and smashed into bits and pieces. He literally let it fall in between the area between the platform and the train.

      I took an internal de…