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The Shift And Slide

Have you ever had a relationship that has shifted or slid into another direction? This could have been work related or even personal. The next question is did you notice it or did that person make you aware of it and that's when you realized it? Either way, did you take responsibility for it or did you dent it vehemently? After all, what great relationship would you willingly allow to slide out of alignment anyway?

   I am writing this post today because I was told that a certain person felt that our connection was or is in the process of being compromised. At first I was taken aback, but then I just listened and gave them my full attention. I felt that if they were bringing it to the forefront as something that was bothering them, it was my duty to recognize it and do what it takes to rectify it. The only confusing side of the situation was that I did not feel the same way. However, I knew that this was a teachable moment that I had to engage in, so I did just that.

   In the…

The Story That Sustains US

If there is one thing that I pay attention to it's the story that people are telling themselves. The funny thing about that is I pay more attention to it when it does not serve me. In other words, when what we hear does not serve us, it does not make it wrong. So we don't see that thing the same way as our friends or coworkers, that is what makes life triple interesting.

  I was deeply involved in a conversation today and I was not all the way on board with what was being said. I had to check myself because my resistance to it was strong, therefore I had to ask myself why was this so? Then I realized that I had created a story in my head that would not give that story any air to breathe into at all. I didn't believe that there was integrity in the message that I was hearing, so I rejected it completely. I had the best intentions, however, it felt heavy inside.

   I once was told that our strength can also be our weakness and that we should always be careful how we use ea…

Seeing Your Power And Calling Upon It

I get bursts of inspiration daily. They may come from what others say or even just watching something that stimulates me and drives me from the inside out. Just the other day a fellow musician told me something that gave me pause in the most positive way. He told me that there was something within me that was bigger than I could see. He told me that I have something that I need to release into the world and that he would help me out if I needed any help at all. It was the way that approached me that got my attention. There was a certain calmness about him mixed with a silent and polite urgency. It stopped my heart for a moment.

   I thought to myself, is this a message from the universe? It has to be, because this kind of exchange is not common at all on any day at any time. Well, the messages that we receive are always flowing, however, these kinds of messages are coming from a higher place in my humble opinion. So when a sensation goes through my body as this message was being re…

Monitoring The Details

Have you ever monitored the things around you that make your life easier? Case in point, have you ever wrote a list of the things that you wanted to do the night before the day actually begins? What things that you do every day are actually helping you to get to a higher plane in your life? Also, does it matter to you if the things get done that day or not? These are just questions, not judgments. These are questions that I have been asking more and more of myself and the results have been humbling.

   Quite some time ago I read that if you write down the things that you want to do in your day before it starts, you are 5 to 10 times more likely to accomplish them all. That boggled my mind, so I tried it a few times and it totally worked. I truly was amazed at the fact that this little change made it all happen? Now I am watching my time differently and what I have discovered is that my time has been getting wasted by things that do not empower me enough for me to spend so much tim…