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Aura Filled

I love to feel the auras from others. It's one of the most consistent things about us as human beings. It really cannot be stopped. Maybe a few people here and there can mask it or even alter it from time to time, but over all it's there and in your face. 
    Imagine what would happen if our auras were magnified just for one month and you could clearly see what the actual temperature inside of another person was? It would most likely change how we interact with people and maybe even cause us to be a bit more empathetic in the long run. 
     I was part of an interaction today that proves the importance of our auras as I met an energy for the first time. She was selling an awesome product and I asked her questions about the business that her and husband had created. It spoke to my soul aesthetically and at the same time, I told her that her aura was so bright and amazing. She received the compliment well and it changed her demeanor. 
     What is your aura saying? Is it vib…

No Substitutions

When you are in a restaurant and the server or person at the register says that there are no substitutions, do you ever feel that what you are asking for can be done with no effort?        So there I was in this really cool dumpling restaurant. It's a place that makes them by hand as you order them. As I look up at the menu board, I saw something that appealed to me that had steamed rice in it as well. As I ordered, I asked for brown rice with the dish. The woman told me that she could not substitute any thing. But then I thought to myself, does steamed rice mean white rice? Just a small thought, sit with that for a moment.         I asked her if she could please try to get them to put brown rice in it. She agreed to ask, but she did not follow up with me, nor did the plate come with brown rice. I thought to myself afterward, that it's the details that make the world go round. Rice has to be put in the plate the same way whether its brown or white right? They did not bud…

Trigger Not Happy

It's those times in life when you go in with the best intentions, yet come out with a low sense of satisfaction that truly school us. If we got our point across perfectly and directly each and every time, how would we know how to adjust our sails and find new avenues of thought that may soothe us later on?
  I opened my mouth calmly and with the sole purpose of creating a win/win situation. The only problem was that I hit the trigger button of the listener and it all went south. I felt it as it was happening and I could not get a harness on it to save my life. 
  When people are in an emotional and distraught state of mind, their words change as does their focal point. From my experience, people even bring new and even more negative energy into a well oiled argument when given the window of opportunity. 
   My blood boiled with frustration, however, I could not let this being push me to the edge. I was them and they were me right? Would I want to be screamed at in this fashion? The …