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Pondering My Born Day / Posturing Up

In one hour and a few minutes, I will have entered a new year of my existence. Each year that passes by, I am still amazed at how fast it travels by and how many lessons I am still learning about life and the people who live within it. I still have questions, still get thrown off track, and most of all, I still want to be an even better man.      It seems that people never really mature, they just rework their consciousness in direct proportion to what is most important to them. In other words, we do better, get better, and concentrate better on what actually soothes our souls. The rub is that most people will never know what its like to consistently do what they love to do for an extended amount of time and actually get used to it.       Remember when you were young and you looked at an adult and you thought to yourself, " Man, that guy is so old looking." Now you look at people and you say, "Those kids look so young!" Life does change and so does your perspec…