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The Joy Of Having Your Own

  If you ever need something in this life and have to ask someone else for it until you can actually get it yourself, you will be in a place to learn a very valuable lesson. This lesson put very simply is, have your own things to live a more vivacious life. I believe that what we lack is most times just that thing or things that we are a bit scared of working at our full potential to get. In other words, we just have not busted our butts hard enough for a consistent time enough as of yet.   Deciding that enough is truly enough is a huge step. I've come to realize that those who have their own are for the most part free of superficial worries. This is not about money, it's about freedom. Something so simple as having my own bicycle is huge for me. I actually have 3 bikes, but who's counting? Each one of them have a different and unique story as to how I received them. My point is that when I ride any one of those bicycles, the road is open in any direction that I choose to …

The Bad Taste Left By Others / To Our Level

In life we all make a wrong turn or a bad decision here and there. The main thing is who is around us when it happens and how we deal with it. Then there are times when others do things that are totally out of our control and we pay the price because their actions linger on into the future. So how do we manage things when what was done before us has already set its roots into the soil of an other's garden? I wish that I had the answer to that, but I do not. We can only control what we do and that is that.

    The downside or the challenge is that it does not feel too good on our end. I know for a fact that we all have an image of how we show up in the world. Ask yourself right now, how do you think your closest friends view you from your heart and body, to your soul? I only ask this because these are the people that actually matter to us. As the saying goes, to those who don't care, it doesn't matter. However, when they care, it matters. I am paraphrasing, but I am sur…