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The Facade Of Being Ready

In the world of the arts, this question is a very popular one. I can say that this question is very common. We spend most of our lives honing our craft and we continue to ask ourselves if we are ready? Ready for what? Ready to fail less or to finally be done working? Ready to not have to take risks anymore? What is the meaning of being truly ready? Who has the answer to this question....?     In my book the things that can be qualified as ready are things like toast, a baby's diaper to be changed, a doctor that calls you into the office, a perfectly cooked meal, a heart that is in the optimal place to join with another person, a wave that is ripe to be ridden, or even a race car that hugs the start line tightly right before it speeds off. These things are truly ready.     I have asked myself if I was ready a few times over the past few years. The question came at different times for different reasons, however it mostly has to do with all that I have and am planning on creating…

The Many Ways To Be Of Service

I enjoy watching other people do things for others and making the lives of others easier. Each and every day there is an example of this if we look for it.  To make a habit of looking for the things that make the lives of others better will steer you further and further away from the negativity and strife. When I am in this vibration, all that is not connected to a high vibration dissipates and dissolves.        About one year ago, I saw a sign that said,"If you have an interview for a new job and you cannot dry clean your suit, we will do it for free." I had never seen anything like this in my entire lifetime! This was the perfect thing to put on the window and it was beyond powerful. I just stood there in a temporary state of shock. That one sign let me know that all was not lost in this world.         Today I saw yet another sign that stopped me in my tracks. I was walking down the street and I saw a sign that read. "Do you need change? For bus, taxi, anything? W…

So Many SongsTo Write

Most of my posts are about my life's experiences and the magic lessons that I take away from them. I seek to enrich others as well as to plant seeds that help others to push away mental blocks or sometimes even just shine a light on a blurry area. I never know what I do exactly until I am told by the person who has read something that moves them. It is then that I am reminded that everyone takes different things from the same words.

   In a conversation with a very sharp mind  today, I realized that I actually need to scratch an itch in the area of my songwriting. It has always been fascinating how certain songs affect me and why. Then it seems that I get a certain feeling that literally overcomes my entire being.Its like when you see someone that you are completely in love with or when you see a movie that reminds you of something that you experienced or are currently dealing with. You cannot stop the emotion from gushing right out of you.

    Song writing in my opinion is a c…

Faith In Motion

We have all heard the word "faith" several thousands of times in our lives. Some of us relate it directly to religion, while others see it as a personal thing that they do not talk about, and every where in between. Faith is a name of a person as well, and personally I have a very warm and personal, and happy feeling about the one person that I call by this name. My favorite sentence with the word "faith" in it is from the bible. I am no expert on the bible, however, the sentence goes as follows:
" Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."
That sentence is powerful to me because it does exactly what it needs to do. It has a direct message and you can use the information right away.  I love sentences that are not blurry at all like that. I have so many examples of how faith can work in our favor. I don't preach about it at the top of my lungs, however, I leave hints for my closest friends whenever I can.  
   I got a c…