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Seeing Things As You Want Them To Be

This concept is something that I have been working on for many years. Again, as I have said many time before, I am not perfect. The truth though, is that today I got yet another reminder that this is in fact a real concept. The actual story of what happened is actually not the most important thing or reason why I am bringing this up. The reason that I have chosen to write this post is the actual mind set that brought me to that affirmation. The journey is always how I learn about the destination.

    I arrived at a place in my mind a few days ago that instructed me to see things the way that I want them to be. I took a deep breathe and I am now allowing it more than I was even a month ago. I have found over time that the present is definitely precious, however, planning ahead with our minds to see things as we want to see them is a far underrated on every level. Those who have told me that they don't expect too much for fear of being disappointed are doing themselves a terribl…

Recommending People

I believe that we all deserve to be spoken well about. The other half of that is that we should all do what it takes to earn that. Life sends us through so many twists and turns and we are expected to manage it no matter how they arrived. In all seriousness, I enjoy putting people in the limelight and saying, hey, this person is golden and you should do business with them. This person does what no one else does and they do it with a smile and then some. This person will make your life so much easier. So how often does this happen? The answer is very rarely.

   We all watch each other and somehow get a feel for how the other side operates from day to day. We don't have to watch people minute by minute to get a feel for who they are. We all make small deposits into the minds and opinions of those around us. This we cannot control at all. Even though its none of your business what people think of you, it somehow gets to you every now and then and that's just being human.


Human Error / Are You Rich?

No matter how hard we try, sometimes human beings make mistakes. There has never been a time when a singular person did not make a mistake and have to pay for it in some way, shape, or form. Our minds are inundated with so many things to keep in order and sometimes its just too much. Think of how many passwords, directions, faces, names, and other random things that we keep stored in our heads weekly? We of course decide what things are more important and of more allure.

   The fascinating thing is how others react to mistakes. Have you ever noticed how judgmental people can get when a human makes a mistake? So what causes this and what is the answer to it? Some would say just to mind your own business, but we know how rare that is for most people. We love to marinate in the faults of others because its massively easier and requires almost no energy to accomplish. Actually, it takes an uncommon amount of energy to keep things moving in a negative direction,

     I have been paying …