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Tip Pouting

This topic has been moving through my veins since I was in my teens. When we go out to eat or we are being served in any way, we all have the ability to tip a person for a job well done. Its actual meaning is, "to insure promptitude". Now at first glance, you would think that it was saying hears to everything being prompt and in good taste, or something along those lines. However, the way that many servers treat people today seems to be more of a sense of entitlement than anything else.

   So there I was waiting for a group of men to finish bringing things into my storage space. I felt that the end was near, so I offered his kind man a well deserved piece of paper appreciation. The look he gave me could have stopped a herd of cattle running down the mountain!!!He wanted to know if there was more and if there is some possible mistake? I explained to him that the company who was facilitating this whole situation was in charge of tipping, and that I was just giving him a lit…

And Then There Was Less

We amass so many material things in our lives. It is just something that happens if we do not keep tabs on it. Each one of us is drawn to different things at different times. We travel and buy gifts and we stay home and receive gifts. no matter who we are, we have to manage this concept to the best of our ability. Over time, I have given away so many things to so many people. I say that not to toot m own horn, but to stress how life changing it is overall.

   Because of some challenging situations that seem to have been out of my control, I have been given many opportunities to purge many of the things that I love over the past 3 years. The details as to why this has been the case seems to be irrelevant now. I only see the fact that I have been given the window to let more and more go and flow. It is true when it is said that we all have exactly the right amount to succeed in this life beyond our wildest dreams. If we can just concentrate on those things that make us feel alive and …

Say My Name

Where would we be without our names? Think about what would happen if people had to refer to you strictly based on the attitude that you delivered day in and day out? What if all that they had to look at was exposed directly on your body? The world would surely be a different place for certain.

   I learned to remember people's names as much as possible from my childhood. I think that I actually learned it from my parents always knowing people's names. As I have written about before, it seemed as though wherever they went, everyone knew them. By the same token, they seemed to know everyone as well. I had no idea that I had taken this all in until I was an adult. Now it is very important to me.

    Last week I was in Chinatown here in NYC and I went to a place that I really love.  It serves all of this delicious vegetarian food and its so good each and every time. The people know me there and they seem to go out of their way for me each and every time that I arrive.  They ar…

Do They Believe You?

When you are being genuinely nice to someone and they seem to back away from you, how do you react? It's common for people just to be cautious and a bit stand offish based on what happened long before you came along. Yet and still, you have to navigate through their fear and still show up as authentic as possible. This is something that is spoken about quite seldomly.

   From the moment that we meet people, we make up our minds if we trust them, if we like the way that they are relating with us, and even if we are sexually attracted to them. This all happens so quickly in our minds that we don't even get a choice to negate it. So then what do we do when these things happen? Must we accept them or do we challenge them immediately? This remains the question over and over again.

    I have met thousands of men and women in the past 20 years or so and I can tell you clearly that each and every one of them has made an impression on me. I define impression as just what it is. Whe…

Getting Real With Realness

This is a continuation of my previous posting. I was extremely stimulated by a conversation about what is real and what is in the distance a couple of days ago. My partner in conversation was very steadfast in getting their point across. The point was that they could not begin to feel what is not right in front of them or not even in the vicinity. They pushed it aside so as not to cloud what was present and active. I have been pondering this for 2 days.

   To be clear, I have been reworking this sort of inner conversation for many years collectively. You may ask yourself why this is? It's because of the sheer fact that most of the things that I have in my life right now are here because I focused on them over and over again when they were not in sight at all. You can call this manifestation, speaking or thinking it into existence, or just simply belief. I am open to several ways of spinning my internal story. All that I do know for sure is that it keeps on happening.

    When pe…