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Living For Real

This is a very tricky way to title a posting. These three words are loaded with several meanings. Are you living for real? Is this the real way that you want to live? Do you live in a fantasy world or are you living for real in this very moment. You can fit in to any one of these statements. Which one you choose is entirely up to you.

   I have always believed that we live from the inside out. In other words, how we see this life from the inside almost always dictates how it develops on the outside. However, since there are exceptions to every rule, it can go left or right at any given moment. I found myself defending the present moment today in a conversation with a wonderful human being that I have not seen in over 20 years. it was a phone conversation, but it sparked some receptors in me.

    We went back and forth on the concept of being completely in the present moment right now, or shutting out the things that can not materialize in this very moment until they can actually ha…

Finding The Magic In Conflict

When we are going through something, it stretches us to a new dimension right before our very eyes. Sometimes we do not see it until the very end, but we have to recognize it at some point. If it were all just sweet honey and balloons, none of us would grow at all. I am certain that I have grown because I am writing this posting. Years ago, I would have kept this to myself and processed it for weeks on end. now I know that each and every challenge that we endure is for an exact reason and it is absolutely necessary.

   We all have the choice with the way in which we deal with conflict of any kind. I am certain that I did no see it this way 10 years ago. Actually, I may have seen it that way, I just did not know how to fully actualize the behavior that goes along with it. I can say for sure that it takes a massive amount of tenacity and diligence to keep afloat. When we respond to conflict with rage, we create more conflict. When we respond to conflict with understanding, we run the…

Ships of Relation (Part 2)

It has become more and more evident that relations fuel our entire world no matter what nation you hail from. The things that have been going on right now in America have made me think more and more about my own personal relationships and how much I value the people who I identify as my true friends. Each and every one of us are undoubtedly affected by how we are treated. Treatment is key.

    I have always been fascinated with the strength of relationships in my life that have spanned over 20 years or so. This is a small but mighty group of select individuals in my personal life. How did we stay in touch all of this time? There have been many years and many miles of movement on my part. I have traveled in and around over 40 countries and possibly met thousands of people, yet only those who have had a solid reason to stay have stood the test of time. I know how to reach out to them if I need them or they need me.

    No man or woman is an island that can take care of him or herself…

Ships of Relations (Part 1)

If we are lucky enough to meet 3 people in this life that will stand by us no matter what, we are beyond fortunate. That person that will be there for you even when they disagree with a viewpoint that you have, yet they still stay geographically still. That one person who can look you in the eyes after 10 years and tell you that you still look good. They are the people that want to get started on the business at hand, which is helping their friend most times.

   If each of your friends right now turned into an actual ship, would you relate to them? I believe that you would look to to see what their flow would be. There would be some moments when they would just sit in the harbor and not move for days, while other times it will seem like they were in perpetual motion. There would also be those who just always have a nagging vibe about them. In response to these characters traits, you would just do just about anything to blend in with them and celebrate them from their perspective.