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Dropping Paper / Waiting In Line

Have you ever seem someone who is eating something just drop the wrapper or the outer covering of it on to the street like it was nothing? This posting is inspired by this very blatantly obvious past time that many people in NYC have. I am telling you that I have seen this happen so many times that I am convinced that people do not even notice it anymore. So what is the solution? I watched myself from the inside out as I became just a little bit perturbed as I saw this happening not even 3 feet to the left of me. I caught myself staring for a millisecond and waiting for some sign of an explanation. Then I realized as I have so many other times in the past, that I would have to just let that go and move forward. This was the best mode of operation.

    I thought it over and I came to the conclusion that I was irritated because that was not the way that I was raised at all. My mind would not have even thought for a fraction of a second that it was acceptable to carry out this litter…