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The Flying Of Time

There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about when I was a young boy. My childhood was very interesting in so many ways. I was surrounded by love and diversity on every level. I had and still do have 3 parents that opened up the world to me before I actually traveled. When I was in my early teens, the first place that I went outside of North America was Bermuda. It was a mind blowing experience because it was something that I had never seen before. I literally had no reference to it. I could not understand how these people lived on an island that was so small that you could go from one end of it to the other in about an hour. This was fascinating to me. I was in complete awe! This is one of my many childhood memories.

    I loved rollerskating when I was a child. Still to this day, I am amazed at how far my mother let me travel form my home to go to this place. It was about 1 hour to get to this place and I was  taking the bus and the train to get there. I have a friend…

If They Can/ I Honor You

I have been watching myself and how I react to successful people. I actually have been doing this for a very long time. The fact of the matter is that recently something is really affecting me in a different way. What I am getting at is this feeling that there is more within reach that I am not reaching for on a few levels. You ever get that feeling that in one way or another there is too much looking and not enough doing? On the other hand, I do so much in one week that I have to force myself to relax on a consistent basis. These sentences juts bring me back to one word and one word only, balance.

   Without question, I know that there is one thing that we all have to come to grips with, and that is realizing our potential. I also think that as we get closer to it, our new found strength pushes us even harder to achieve more. I love this part of being an artist and a creator. We are all creators actually. This is my opinion of course. In the blink of an eye, under the correct situ…

Translating A Divine Quote

This posting is a little something different. I saw a quote earlier today and it moved me. This quote was not in English, it was in Spanish. I seldom speak or write about my love for languages. I speak Italian and quite a bit of Spanish as well. I love to speak and sing in other languages and I have done so for many years. As I came across this quote, I stopped and translated it as best as I could. Then I checked that my translation was correct and I was just a little bit off. The message was moving, so I decided to bring it here to my blog and allow each one of you to take a crack at translating it. For those of you with zero language skills, remember that there are all sorts of translators that are accessible online for free. I am curious who will take the time to actually decipher this moving series of words? I hope you enjoy it. This is for the strong women out there.

  "Mirate caminar, mujer, estas para que te amen.Que se rompan las ventanas cada vez que pasas cerca y se h…

Listening To The Message

We are all in such a place of huge transformation. I have listened to so many conversations that deal with our world recently, and I am just concentrating on listening three thousand percent more. There have been so many viewpoints and so many concerns about how we are living and how we will live in the future. So where do you stand? Are you feeling a sense of certainty or a feeling of disarray?Frankly, I know that we will all find resolve sooner or later in our own special way.

    She spoke, this was a woman who was being interviewed while attending a protest at the airport in middle America somewhere. The interviewer asked her some questions that were a bit thought provoking and a little bit just antagonistic all at the same time.I listened intently just to see where he was taking her. I too felt that he was leading her into a thirsty herd of wolves and it became a bit uncomfortable. Then it it!! He was trying to get the point across that she and her friends were actually there w…

In Celebration Of One Another

This is a big topic for me to write about. First and foremost because its one of the things that I love to do the most, but also because I believe that it is one of the most powerful serums on this planet. When we notice brilliance in another person and we actually recognize it outwardly, it can move mountains internally. I have so many examples of this that I could not possibly fit them on this blog in one posting. I am so grateful that these moments have etched their way into permanency in my heart and soul.

    Over the weekend, I went to an amazing event that once again made me proud to be attached to such high energetic and conscious people. The event was entitled, "Celebrate Thy Brother". The name says it all without a doubt. It was a celebration of the black man and all that he does from the top to the bottom. I believe in celebrating all people who add to the human experience, which means all of us. This event was very moving, based on the fact that the black ma…