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Everything Takes Longer Than You Think

I was doing a good friend a favor today by waiting for a piece of furniture for them. They were out of town and they asked me to step in for them so I did. I had no idea what time it would arrive. It was one of those we will be there between 8 am and 8 pm kind of deals. So I made myself useful and took care of many other things in the place that needed to be done. As I did this, I found more and more things that also needed to be done. Before I knew it, 4 hours had passed. To be fair, I was on the phone taking care of my own things during this time as well. I just didn't want to leave the place and miss the delivery.

  During the time that I spent in this apartment, I found many industrious ways to do the things that I set out to do. I found tools and random things that served me and I even managed to tighten and spruce up a few things that needed attention as well. I am always so blown away at how people see things in a particular space so differently. In other words, put twen…

The Man With Four Loving Eyes

Its so fascinating how much you can learn about life and human behavior riding the NYC subway. I write about the subway quite a bit as you know. I really love the interactions that take place while people are just being who they are. Its like a voyeuristic experience on a different level. People are always going to be nothing but themselves on a NYC subway. That is the reality show that needs to be filmed. The problem is that as soon as people know that they are being filmed, there will be an urge to act up and try to be something that they are not.

    I was sitting at the end of the train in a corner seat. The train was relatively full and it was uncommonly quiet for the most part. Every few minutes there would be a small sound or maybe even a low tone of a voice speaking to someone else. Then out of nowhere a man's voice came out quite forcefully. He was speaking in Spanish and he did not sound happy at all. I ignored it at first, but I looked to my right as it happened agai…

Cells Up, Heads Down

I forgot to bring my cell charger with me today when I left home. I didn't realize that I had done it until my phone was very low on battery.I was inside working on a project for a client of mine and then it just died. I have to admit, I was more productive the rest of the day because there was nothing for me to do but focus on what I was doing. Truthfully speaking, I have done this on purpose a few days a month in the past. I have not done it in a very long time though. I had forgotten how centered it makes you as it relates to just walking with your head up and noticing everything. In a city like New York, that's like having a million crayons right in front of your face and not knowing which one to write with first.

   From my experience speaking with people about what NY does to them, I can comfortably say that it mostly sends people's brains into overload. It's almost always too much all of the time. These comments are usually said while constantly using their p…

Fessing Up To The Fib Or Mistake

Let me start out this posting by making it abundantly clear that I am not without fault as I propel myself through this magnificent ride that we call life. I pose questions to get minds moving and souls to loosen up a bit. In the process of doing this I find out more about myself and how I can be stronger, more fluid, less sensitive to stupid, and foolish reactions, and most of all more open to the present. Always remember that this blog is about all of us. You don't have to identify with any of these posts, but I assure you that somewhere in between these sentences, you will at least once see or feel yourself in a sentence. If that happens even once, I am overjoyed and super revved up about it.

  So in life people lie. It's not a mystery and it will never be any different. I believe that people plant untruths for so many reasons. However, if I had to pinpoint one master mother ship reason why its done, it would be to appear clean, non attached to things that make us look ba…

Presently Speaking / I Cannot Shake Hands

Some things happen to test us I believe. Its those things that we have no prior experience with at all that give us pause. For example, what would you do if a person came up to you and told you that they wanted you to hold a briefcase for them and assured you that you only needed to hold it for ten minutes and then you can give it back. What if they looked sincere and not sleazy at all? What if they told you that some one's life depended on it? What if they told you that they would be hurt if you didn't do it? I am guessing that most people would say no and move along. But then there are others that would possibly just do it to be helpful and not even think of the consequences. What makes those two people different? Well everything. They both have had a series of happenings in their lives that have caused them to "be" a certain way and that is that. For the most part, they have been so programmed by the past that the present is a non existent place.

    A close f…