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Detail Watch And Recall

Some days I see too many things that make me think. No that you probably don't know this already. It goes with out saying that I truly love the details in life. At times it is a bit too much for my brain. I even wish that I was able to filter this behavior at times. On the other hand, I would rather experience more of life than miss too many things that could possibly get me closer to some of life's pressing curiosities.

   I used three public bathrooms today and each one of them were quite old. Interestingly enough, all of them had busted covers that could have easily been fixed. Who knows how many times they each had been lifted up and down? I just thought to myself why couldn't someone take the time to fix such a simple thing for such an essential and extremely personal piece of porcelain machinery? I guess that is out of my hands.

   Next, I met with a wonderful couple today. I will be providing music for the man's 70th birthday party. I am unfortunately not goi…

Mustering Up Strength To Soldier On

My goodness life sure is unpredictable! You can plan, set, look forward to, and even declare that all with go smoothly, but somehow you will be tested. I live my life from a positive viewpoint and I practice it daily. I monitor myself  because my quest and constant attention to my intention is not that of every person. I am not placing myself on a higher plane, I am just declaring the plane that I am on.

   So much effort goes into being responsible for your actions and your attitude. I often watch how others handle adversity on many levels, just to track how I will deal with it when it hits me. So many things have taught me some harsh lessons and they just keep on coming. There is so much that has come our way and so much more that is on the way. So how do we continue to muster up the strength to soldier on?

   One of my best strategies for this is to make light of a seemingly negative or low vibration situation that hangs over us. I mean it doesn't make us any different than…

It's Time

Have you ever said that to anyone? This could be in any situation at all. You just know that it's time to go or its time to begin,or even it's time to end something. These are all possibilities in more way than one. When you feel it's time, you can usually say it and it is done. It's all about the pleasure of what will be when it truly is set into motion or the relief of what's to come after something is shut down and no longer active."It's time", sets this all in motion.

    Now we come to how we react in or own bodies when we know that we have to move and get it done. If we are responsible for others and we tell them it's time, will they follow us with no problem at all? I believe a great leader can do that with no resistance at all. As a matter of a fact, he or she can do it multiple times and come out without a scratch. Someone needs to say that it's time and that will never change.

     I have learned that being prepared to say it'…

Dissecting A Relationship

None of us would deny that there is most certainly magic in a relationship. If you close your eyes you can remember how your fondest relationship began with almost no difficulty at all. In many cases, you can recall how the room felt, what the person smelled like, and even what they were wearing. I believe that our minds store all of this information perfectly. It is these moments that build the foundation for what inevitably becomes a journey of smiles. bliss, weightlessness, and most importantly love. The question is, do we also remember the moment when it started to go the other way?

   One of my closest friends and I were speaking at length today about his marriage. The major theme of the conversation was that he was not getting any love and affection. I pondered this in a serious way and asked him some more questions. After exchanging some deep thoughts between the two of us, I realized that he was not giving any more to his situation because he claimed that he needed to get t…