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Have You Been There And Done That (Part 2)

When people say that they have been there and done that, does it mean that there are no more lessons to learn? Can anything else fit into their minds? I know that some of the same things have happened to me me in my life more than once. If you have been there and done that, chances are that you will in one way or another have to use the information for the next thing that comes along. So I guess it's a sort of a lesson that stays close to your consciousness until you need it.

    Yesterday I wrote about the connection of a person to their therapist and how my good friend told me that me that they needed to know that a person had been through what they were counseling them on before he could move forward. This made me think about the way that we are sometimes given great advice from people who are just open and honest. Their heart and soul just want to connect and be of Sean's make things happen.

      I truly believe that almost all experiences can be recycled in one way o…

Have You Been There And Done That?

I love to hear stories about others along their journey. We are all experiencing different things and we all deal with them in very different ways. This posting was sparked by a conversation that I had today. Sometimes I hear one sentence and it inspires  me to write an entire blog.  This particular sentence made me stop and think and then I saved it for tonight.

     The conversation was about counseling and why some couples go together and why sometimes only one of the two go? Then I thought to myself that I have never been to counseling in my entire life. It is said by quite a few people that everyone could use a good counselor or therapist. I mean just to have that person to exchange ideas with and just flow cant be bad for anyone right?

      So the statement that pushed me into a pensive place was when I heard them say that they needed a counselor or therapist that they could also ask questions about their life as well. Meaning they couldn't have sessions with someone …

No Charge My Friend

We all have talents, gifts, passes to things, connections, open doors, and Carte Blanche situations. These are things that we share or make available to our closest friends and families. So how do we make it available to people? Do we tell them that they are welcome at any time? Do we let them know that only when the time comes up? How do we feel about these privileges and services that we provide through our own resources? Are we willing to share them with friends at no cost? How do these questions affect you..? How would you deal with these situations..?

    I am certain that none of these situations above would have happened properly without the necessary communication. Here is where the rubber meets the road. I believe that any one of us would do something for a great friend. It just goes without saying that in our heart of hearts our friends have access to all that is ours. On the other end of the spectrum,when do you feel taken advantage of in the process? Ask yourself this q…

The Reflective Reaction

Each and every day we are faced with seeing ourselves in a mirror of sorts. To be clear, we see ourselves many times a day either in other people and we don't always believe it or give it the proper amount of attention. It has taken me a long time to see that people either reflect you or they rotate on their own axis. Its when you meet those who have a bit of both that it really gets interesting.

   So when we are confronted with a situation that does not agree with us, its seems that we may need to consult with our inner self to see where we may be challenged within. This is very challenging for me, however, I have been delving into it more and more recently. You know those moments when something instantly gets under your skin so badly that you feel suffocated? I now realize beyond the shadow of a doubt that it was there way before the conflict.

   I had a revelation today that the good that we seek is usually the good that we have been shown as well. Its not that I have not …

Serving People

At the end of the day, is there anything more important than serving people? No matter what you do or where you go, in order for things to move forward, someone has to serve someone. If half of the world became millionaires tomorrow, the other half would still have to serve them just to keep the world spinning. I like this fact.

   I had a talk with some Starbucks employees today. Nothing too serious, actually very light indeed. I told them that they were all putting out this really positive vibe as I walked in. The place was mostly empty as it was very early in the day. The location has only been open for about a moth or so as well. So does that mean that they are all new and just fresh and not affected yet, or are they all just genuinely amazing and engaging people who love their jobs? I am going to go with the latter.

    In short, I told them that I love it when people are giving great service and when they actually seem like they love what they are doing. They received the com…

The Ebb And Flow Glow/ 2016 Did Not Suck

People allover the world have know for years that what goes up must come down. The laws of gravity in every sense are ever present and as real as it gets. There has not been even one part of my life that has stayed exactly consistent from the from to the back, except maybe the love and dedication that my family and a very select group of people have given me since as far back as I can remember. They are all magic to me and I celebrate them inward and outward almost daily.

   As much as I read about balance, it is still a challenge most of the times. When we feel joy, accomplishment, love, victory, and even some euphoria, maintaining it takes quite a bit of our facilities. In my opinion, this is primarily because many outside forces push against us and we are constantly rebuilding our game plan so as to circumvent the turmoil. This is of course is not the case for everyone. How could it possibly be at the end of the day?

    As I speak with my closest friends and even some family me…