When The Mind Sees It

    I believe that the statement, “When you believe it, you will see it”, is true. When we focus on what we want to become, so many magical things happen on a consistent basis. Today I wrote out my plan in my productivity planner for the day. Without too much effort, almost everything got done. I can pretty much give the credit to what was written down in the book to how my day turned out. It’s like an underground science of sorts. I was careful to set myself up for victory. Whereas in the past I would put too many things to accomplish on the list.

    It has been my experience that whatever I decide to do ahead of time very rarely fails. The other thing is that you don’t have to involve anyone but yourself when you are compiling this list. I actually enjoy writing in this planner? So as the day has passed, I can see what I was doing and if I completed the talk it story

     When the mind sees it and cross examines it, something happens. It’s also my belief that my growth has so much to do with my writing things down!!! It’s the thing that make it all worth while .
I went back and revisited some my goals, and I found that they were very humbling and that not even one of them was specifically difficult at all. I also saw some things that were brought about by the things other did. In other words a business practice that did not serve me in particular. So I took notes and I took in that vibration as well.

     In closing, what you think about most often does rear it’s head. I am a student of that mindset in so many ways. This post was inspired by what I have been seeing in my mind as of late. Newness, openness, more responsibility, and a completely different platform of high level thinking and manifestation is continually teaching us, so why not take some pointers from it right? My mind has given me a complete slide show to gaze at. There is one thing that I know for sure though. The slide show could not function without access to my slides. I feed the machine and it exposes me. Quite interesting wouldn’t you say? Thanks for being here. I appreciate you immensely.



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