Warm Hearted Behavior

   It's no secret that I love people. The way that they speak and the decisions that they make continue to inspire me beyond measure. As a human being, I am sure I am being studied as well. There is always someone watching.

   I was on my way to give a lesson to one of my favorite students. Actually I love all my students, so that last sentence was not necessary. Anyhow, before my lesson I love key to pick up a fresh juice from the store a block away. The workers are very nice and we greet each other like we have been old friends for years. On this particular day, there was a man that I had not seen in the past. I mentioned to him that I had a sore throat and felt some congestion. He recommended a certain juice and I took his advice. We then spoke about a few of the other juices and their strong points as well. He was very hands on and seemed generally concerned that I was properly taken care of during my visit.

    Truth be told, I was feeling really great about haw the place felt I general. It made me want to stay and order a smashed avocado sandwich. I really had to go though, so I paid for juice and turned towards the front door and proceeded  to walk out. Right when I reached the front door he called out to me and told me to hold on a minute. He met me at the door and he handed me a small glass jar with some of my favorite throat cleansers in one little bottle. It was a single shot and he gave it to me free of charge. He then said, " Take this, I hope your throat feels better." I thanked him and shook his hand as I conveyed the most possible amount of graciousness that I could possibly muster up. He made me feel cared for and I really appreciated it fully.

     I wrote this post in honor of that great man. He had no obligation to give me anything for free at all. It just struck me so profoundly that he listened to me when I told him that I had a sore throat. He guided me along and he made my experience in that store perfect. This man was already a person who cares for people, I could just tell. Either way, he chose to share his warm-hewith me. When a random stranger does something of this stripe, I take notice.

    To the glistening lights that are in existence, I see you. You don't have to go the extra mile for anyone. But when you do, or someone does and it's felt in real time, its magical. I thank you  all for reading this
 short post tonight or today. May your upcoming day exceed all of your expectations. Forward





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