The Incentive And The Reward

   When we are in a situation where there is an incentive to do better, who does it affect the most? If you are an overachiever already, does it push you further or does it not matter to you at all? Let's be real. On some level we all like to know that there is more to be had at another level correct? We definitely won't all go for it, but we like to know that it's available right?

    I find incentive to be such a powerful tool. The thing is though, is there a healthy amount of care involved when there is incentive put in place? Or is it just about the bottom line and what can be gained financially from pushing a team to their absolute productivity limit? I had a conversation about this earlier today with a gentleman who believes that companies don't care about those people who do not produce for them. This gave me pause and made me go deeper in my mind about it.

     Now if your employer cares for you, it would only seem normal for them to give you every opportunity to succeed right? Also, if they care for you, then you will most likely care for them as well. These are not guaranteed in any way, I am just putting it out there because it seems so normal to think this way. However, we also know that some people don't move unless there is extra incentive and then some. If that's there path, then so be it. I will not knock their paradigm.

     So let's tackle the reward channel now. Recognition is a huge thing. It's so huge that grown men will die for it and babies will cry for it. When I first heard that, I instantly resonated with it on so many levels. When we are recognized for our power, talent, contribution, attentiveness, and so on and so forth, we know that we are seen me appreciated. It's a huge thing. It's very big.

     Now to double back for a second. If you are given an incentive to do better, then how long will you keep doing what you do when the incentive runs out? That is the question that requires some delving into as I see it.  Put in simple terms, the incentive stimulates you to do more. The award comes from being recognized for your greatness and authenticity even if you never knew that anyone was looking. This magic is all for us or it can be lost in the shuffle just that easily.

     So just as a heads up. My very close friend Brigitte Taylor will be contributing to this blog as of tomorrow. Her and I started this blog several years ago and she and I have our own personal projects that live beyond this call too. Brigitte is a woman with sharp skills. We talk at length about any and everything at all. At times in the near future, you might be reading a post from Brigitte and not me.  We will both remain here to keep the blog going. She writes from the west coast and I write from the east coast. Thank you all for letting us bend your ear from time to time. It's a pleasure and I love to set my sails just right so that the ride is that much soother..




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