Stimulation Through Frustration

       Life has a funny way of getting your attention. It isn't usually in the fashion that you think it would be, but it happens all of the time. I love how we can be inspired by the things that frustrate us instead of just things that make us happy or elated.

        In business, we will not always see eye to eye with those who hire us. This goes without saying.
However, how many of us will forge a new path based on that alone? If we are truly just less than satisfied with the outcome of he situation, how long will it take for us to break away and just breathe some new air so we can function going forward. This is a question that you would have to answer on your own.

         Just to give you a basic back story of a certain situation, there is a man who has a stream of income. He does not have to work for it, the money comes in a few times a month and it pays all of the bills quite comfortably. Because he has leveraged the actual work that has to be taken care of, he can dictate the inner workings of the business. The biggest problem with this story, is that the man sees his finances as he would a pair of jeans with a hole in it. He always feels as though he is losing
money at all times. Therefore, he is not in a place of genuine care or authenticity as it relates to how his business propels.

         As I watch him, I am reminded over and over that people are going to be who they are and do just what they want. All you can do is take a mental pad out and take notes. Know what feels right and what feels good. This all sounds so easy right? Well I am here to tell you that its one of the most challenging things to do consistently, but it's powerful beyond measure.

            If that which frustrates you can also stimulate you towards a new future, I say, go for it. Throw that crap away, say what you want to say, change the system so that it works to your benefit without hurting anyone in any way. No one will lead the tribe like you. There is no one that will put your passion into it like you will. Lastly, somewhere out there there is a person who is looking to find an energy that speaks to their souls rules. You might be that person. It's all possible. Think on that for a bit. I thank you for showing up again.



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