Our Story Vs. Our Truth

     I am back in the swing of the rhythm and digging into some deep subject matter yet again. What a rush of teachable moments are upon me right now. In the past week I have been pondering some of my most prominent thoughts for longer than usual. I know for sure that the title of this particular entry could keep me writing for hours, however, I'll spare you the long version. For sure you have many things to do.
      Over the past few weeks or so, I have been speaking and doing more than I have been writing. Although that is not necessarily a bad thing, I am sure that my best work comes when I write in the evening before I close my eyes, as well as when I start my day. It sets the mind up in a completely different fashion. It's no secret how true this is in my own mind, however, I have been getting distracted I admit.

       When we are sure that we are existing within our truth, things seem to be so smooth for the most part. On the other side of things, when we are just married to our story, things can get a little bit convoluted. Our story may tell us that we are not moving forward fast enough, while our truth tells us that we are not putting in the work that matches up to the ultimate goal. We short change our magic by attaching a limiting story to it. There will always be the voice that tells you that you can or that it is possible. Then the other voices will always hit you with the inevitable, "Are you crazy right now?"
So which one of those is the story and which one is the truth? Great question.

        This post was inspired by a conversation that I was having. As I told my dear friend that they were reciting the story in their head, this person told me that they were speaking their truth. I paused, and then had to accept that they were committed to what they had expressed. Stories come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. In the end though, I believe in respecting any viewpoint that you can visibly see a change in physicality in another human being, after it is rendered. I have learned over time that not one person on this earth can sway you from your authentic truth.

        My most pressing question as it relates to this topic is, what can we do to strengthen our truth when we are mostly caught up in our story? I peruse this state of mind from time to time. I am certain that me facing up to it has given me more and more clarity as I mature. I feel that your truth is non invasive. It's there standing up completely erect and unyielding. It makes no excuses for what it is and it is prepared to fight if it is challenged in any way, shape, or form. Whereas our story is not as solid and can drift back and forth very easily. It takes from the moment that serves itself the best and builds  a temporary sandcastle that can blown away if the right wind comes along at the right time. It's a mediocre truth at best.

        In closing, this post was brought to life because I saw the truth in the eyes that were right before me as they communicated. It was beyond humbling and also very personally revealing as I immediately began to review my truths and how many of them are currently masking themselves as stories. This is real talk and I am happy to have dropped this insight into your cranium. I thank you for being here as always. There are not too many things in this life more precious than the genuine exchange of the passionate and open and exposed soul with the open minded and patient reader. Be well and continue to expand beyond expectation. I support you..



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