Onward + Upward: Massive Creativity featuring Kerry Ray

I had the pleasure of meeting artist Kerry Ray of Crystal and Leaf at a San Diego healing event and was so impressed with her creations that I was inspired to write about her work. Her booth was filled with sparkling fairy houses and doors (like door in the palm above); radiant jewelry and many other gifts which she says are portals or gateways to the promotion of abundant living. I could not wait to talk to her as I was immediately intrigued by the unique creations; the beauty of her intentions which I immediately felt through her unique "fairy world." Speaking with Kerry, I learned how much she valued her creative life and being open to her "own uniqueness" and she puts it -- as well as bringing forth authentic expression through all that she does. Not only does she create beautiful fairy houses and jewelry, she also models in the nude for art students; she is a laughter coach/energy guide; she is a wife and the mother to a five year old daughter who is her greatest inspiration.
SB: Tell me more about what inspires your creativity. KR: There is a natural desire for me to be a creative master in every walk of life: be it cooking, making jewelry, being outside in nature, planning a party, get together, or craft of some sort. I am inspired by nature and all of its wonderful colors and the softness in the energy that nature can create. I am also inspired by sparkles, baubles of any kind really. It reminds me of the light that each one of us has within us to be the best version of the greatest vision we’ve ever held about who we are and can become. SB: What conditions have given way to some of your greatest insights? KR: A lot of things but mostly the birth of my daughter. She has taught me to love in a way I never could have imagined on my own. Sure, I’ve had a divorce and had loss in my life which taught me to be strong but to love -- to love is a much more challenging thing. Loving requires you to be present in every moment and to be vulnerable and share your truth in that moment no matter the outcome. My daughter has given me great insight into my deep capacity to love and be loving without needing to receive anything in return. That insight trickles into other areas of my life where I can learn to be loving with everyone. SB: What tools do you use to motivate yourself when you feel challenged? KR: I have always felt an inner calling to be what I am uniquely. And that has taken many forms over the years. It usually shows up in the way of spirituality and how energy moves for me. In my years of training in energy work and life in general, I see things as an opportunity for growth or as my mentor used to say “as an opportunity to graduate.” So, I welcome things that are a challenge because my attitude and how I relate to a challenge in a positive way can be the difference between hanging onto a trauma or letting it go. SB: What tools do you recommend for staying centered? KR: Definitely nature to bring you the present moment. A balanced diet that is low in carbs and sugar (I’m still working on this life long process), high vibrational music or music that just really makes you feel good. Last but not least, a positive attitude. A positive attitude can completely turn you around. I believe we have a choice to be positive or decide how we are going to feel about or react to something. If we can’t get there easily then there is something there to clear. SB: If you create while listening to music, what music do you enjoy? KR: I love music that doesn’t contain any words. Words in music can help when you’re moving through something difficult or want to experience what someone else might be feeling from their perspective. But for me, it keeps you in your mind which is not where I want to be anymore. I’ve spent years graduating from the mind. In other words, I don’t let it control me anymore. SB: Who are your favorite authors? KR: Neale Donald Walsh, author of Conversations with God is what really peaked my interest after my divorce from my first husband, the death of my sister and the illness of my twin. At that point in time, I really wanted to know why all of these terrible things were happening. I decided at that moment and after reading all of Neale’s books, that I would no longer choose to act like a victim. Future experiences or at least how I’d react to them were up to me.
Kerry lives an inspired life of her design in Oceanside, California. Check out her art at www.crystalandleaf.com. Brigitte Taylor @suitebrigitte


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