All In A Day's Journey

   Living here in NYC is like walking through a Broadway show. You don't have to play a role if you don't want to. However, the show goes on around you whether you like it or not. Of course we are all playing a role, we just lose sight of that at times.

   I saw a line wrapped around a block today and it stopped me cold. I could not figure out how all of these people were waiting for food in the middle of the day??? Then I asked a young lady that was holding some flyers. She told me that they were officially opening tomorrow and today they were offering free lunches.  So I guess there are free lunches for time to time, despite the sentence that has told us otherwise for our entire lives. All things are possible right?

   At a different location, I ate with my student. I engaged with a worker there and I was so impressed with his warmth and openness. It was as if we were truly family. He was so good at what he does and I told him so. Its an uncomfortable reality these days that the service industry has a small percent of people who actually care and will go to the extreme to make you feel right at home no matter what.

  My day also had me questioning a certain person who seems to be losing their footing as it relates to organizing and getting people to do what they need to do. The most important thing though, is that I don't know what that person is going through deep down inside. I do know that when the inside is imbalanced, the outside does not have a chance of surviving. I support them either way.

   I also heard quite a bit of a certain conversation between a young father and his young son. The conversation was as real as it could get. They spoke of money and some easy concepts to grasp. It was a very young man who was on the delivery end and the receiver was a young boy of maybe 8 years young. I was dumbfound that he was discussing mortgage and how it works. Such an inspiring thing to hear. It's never too early to teach children about financial literacy..

   Circling back to the conversation with my student, we had a very stimulating conversation, as we always do. What an intelligent young man. There was a wall of postcards at the place where we ate. They were all free, and you could take as many as you like. He took about 6 or the, and when he returned, he explained why he picked each one. His reasons were truly inspiring and beautiful.
There was one with healthy greens to eat on it. He told me he picked that one for health. There was a card with lots of different kinds of juice clear bottles. He said he chose that one for spontaneity. There was one with two older people dressed country like, and he said he picked it for wisdom. I believe there was one more, but it escapes me. The point is, I didn't ask him to do this, it just happened organically. This was very deep to me. It reminded me once again that everything is exactly what you make of it.He really got in my head when he did that. I needed to hear those words today.

    I am grateful for today. I am mostly grateful for it because I know that it will never come again with this same emotion. I was part of a unique day that I merely scratched the surface of for many reasons. I will show up again tomorrow and embrace the magic. You are powerful. Remember that.



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