The Story That Sustains US

 If there is one thing that I pay attention to it's the story that people are telling themselves. The funny thing about that is I pay more attention to it when it does not serve me. In other words, when what we hear does not serve us, it does not make it wrong. So we don't see that thing the same way as our friends or coworkers, that is what makes life triple interesting.

  I was deeply involved in a conversation today and I was not all the way on board with what was being said. I had to check myself because my resistance to it was strong, therefore I had to ask myself why was this so? Then I realized that I had created a story in my head that would not give that story any air to breathe into at all. I didn't believe that there was integrity in the message that I was hearing, so I rejected it completely. I had the best intentions, however, it felt heavy inside.

   I once was told that our strength can also be our weakness and that we should always be careful how we use each one. I believe that more than ever now. We can tell ourselves that someone is draining us just as easy as we can tell ourselves that someone is invigorating us. Our story will navigate it all. We don't need any permission to own our story, and we don't need any help from anyone sustaining it either. Whats your story? Is it serving you? Are you proud of it? How much do you feed it daily? Answer these questions on your own time. Peace and forward motion.



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