The Shift And Slide

   Have you ever had a relationship that has shifted or slid into another direction? This could have been work related or even personal. The next question is did you notice it or did that person make you aware of it and that's when you realized it? Either way, did you take responsibility for it or did you dent it vehemently? After all, what great relationship would you willingly allow to slide out of alignment anyway?

   I am writing this post today because I was told that a certain person felt that our connection was or is in the process of being compromised. At first I was taken aback, but then I just listened and gave them my full attention. I felt that if they were bringing it to the forefront as something that was bothering them, it was my duty to recognize it and do what it takes to rectify it. The only confusing side of the situation was that I did not feel the same way. However, I knew that this was a teachable moment that I had to engage in, so I did just that.

   In the course of our every day lives, things shoot in and out of focus, therefore we have to stay on top of what is most important to us so that we stay balanced. For the purposes of this interaction, the main complaint was that contact had become less and less and there was concern on their side. Had they done something wrong or even said something wrong? The answer was no on both accounts. The straight ahead truth was that I had let too many things distract me from my normal flow of contact by telephone without actually losing any loyalty or respect for our connection. I can see how the other perspective could have looked slightly different and I have some further clarity now that I have had time to mull it over.

   This human being journey can be a bit challenging at time can't it? You have those that you wish would be more in contact with you, those who are in contact with you too much, as well as those who you have no idea why they stopped being in touch with you completely. The message overall is that all we can be responsible for is ourselves. I don't suggest that anyone of us act in keeping with an other's wishes if it is counter to ours, nor do I feel that we can actually know what triggers any human being to feel less than or neglected on any level. I did appreciate the truth that this person offered to me. In the end I took it as  sign of love and respect. I mean why would anyone take the time to tell you that they did not feel as connected to you as they once were if it didn't mean something to them?

    In closing, all things are in constant motion. Even when we are still, the earth is rotating around and around. We are all filled with "emotions", so why would we ever try to stop that? There is only magic in that motion. It's a blessing to know that whatever is going on with definitely pass. We will get another chance. We will get to see a different side of most things. Our world will always pivot. I took this comment very serious because if it meant something to them, it means something to me. Feedback and point of view is so important to receive. I am so grateful for it. Thank you for being here. My world is ultimately your world. We are all connected. Peace




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