The Impact Of Feeling

 Walking in NYC each and everyday is an adventure. There are things happening in every direction. The fact is, we can only look in one direction at a time. Therefore, we see the magic that grabs us first. Sometimes this magic is disguised as a less than favorable situation as well. I am sure we have all been there once or twice. 
  The street was full of people, as it is on any NYC day in the early afternoon. People were dining outside, the smell of fresh food from all over the world was strong, and cars ere buzzing by from every direction. 
    As with any day, the energy seemed high and the vibe was constant from my perspective. Then in a millisecond, it all changed. I heard a voice. The voice was full of pain and discontent. I could not see the person yet, however, I knew it was a male. The sidewalk was ablaze with confusion and then I saw what happened. A man walking three dogs was now left with only two. 
    I did not see this unfortunate situation as it happened, however, it seemed as though the SUV had struck this small puppy as it was crossing the intersection. The leash was long, and as the owner stopped, the puppy had a few more steps he desired to carry out. The pain from this man was so difficult to witness. The driver was full of remorse as it was painfully evident that his scope of the street was about 3 feet higher. He seemed to honestly not have seen this little being. 
    Outside of all that is so sad and heartbreaking as it relates to this story, there is a heart opening side as well. The amount of people that stopped cold and surrounded this man to comfort him was absolutely heart opening. Each and every one of them had places to go and things to do. However, for that moment, their focus was him and his canine companion that was abruptly taken from him in 3 seconds. 
     In this moment as I watched the entire scene on my personal optical panorama, I was once again reminded that we are all connected to heart and spirit. This could have happened to any one of us. There was a circle around him and his dogs and one woman even got down on her knees and rubbed the dog across his belly as he transitioned right there on the concrete. It was beyond moving and floods of emotion shot through my system. 
     As I was turning to walk away, the man and all of the complete strangers that were aiding him walked in my direction. I wanted to give him a pat on his back or offer some assistance, however, I could see that he was going to be in good hands. 
     In closing, this was a snapshot of life and who we truly are inside without all of the hate, pretense, jealousy, contempt, and do on and so forth. Life is precious and that is undeniable on any level. 
     I am still replaying this whole thing in my head many hours later. Feeling is real. The realness is feeling. So now how do you feel??



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