Subtle Changes and Commitment

 The things around us continue to change. We did not get any warnings about this when we were younger. I realize now that it would not have made a difference because back then we were being taught to deal with things that were happening in the moment. I am more interested in changing my habits and my paradigms at the point in my life. It is now that I realize that the changes I put into play inevitably add to the subtle changes that continue to show up in my life. When we change, the things around us change as well. I guess they have to in the end. You cannot plant an apple tree and expect oranges can you?

  I was reminded by a life long friend to breathe more as I began becoming frustrated about a certain person's behavior. This also fell into the subtle change category. I had to back away from the stress internally so that I could show up fully externally. That subtle change helped me to move forward. I have to keep repeating to myself that we cannot change anyone. It is not our function here on planet Earth. It is not our responsibility either. We have our own vessel to navigate.

   What an amazing thing true commitment is on any level. I mean what happens when you tell anyone around you that you are committed to doing something? In all seriousness, we are locked into our word, yet, we can always find a way out. Who knew how much commitment would be such an asset in our maturity? This has been heavy on my mind each and every day this month. Commitment is a strong monster to tame and it keeps on hitting hard unless you hit back. I am committing internally to so many things. Quiet commitment is definitely different than public commitment for sure. I am learning the difference and it is majorly humbling. Ah what a beautiful and challenging life we lead. Peace to you..


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