Seeing Your Power And Calling Upon It

  I get bursts of inspiration daily. They may come from what others say or even just watching something that stimulates me and drives me from the inside out. Just the other day a fellow musician told me something that gave me pause in the most positive way. He told me that there was something within me that was bigger than I could see. He told me that I have something that I need to release into the world and that he would help me out if I needed any help at all. It was the way that approached me that got my attention. There was a certain calmness about him mixed with a silent and polite urgency. It stopped my heart for a moment.

   I thought to myself, is this a message from the universe? It has to be, because this kind of exchange is not common at all on any day at any time. Well, the messages that we receive are always flowing, however, these kinds of messages are coming from a higher place in my humble opinion. So when a sensation goes through my body as this message was being received, I knew that it was time to take action. The tricky part is that I feel like a child who sees 7 different passages that he wants to run through because they all seem so magical, yet he just cannot decide fully on one. Then on the other hand, that statement was like an open invitation to step briskly into the direction that I am fully prepared to take control of in the form of my own company. This is almost formed.

    If your power was personified and walked right up to us to ask us to put it into action, would you listen or ignore it because it just seemed to good to be true? Although this seems like it could not happen, what if its happening all of the time? What if the signals are actually frustrated with us because we are just not listening? What if we see our power daily in different forms and its so obvious that we miss it? When and if you see or realize your power, will you call upon it? Just asking. Thank you for being here. It matters to me. Be well.



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