No Substitutions

     When you are in a restaurant and the server or person at the register says that there are no substitutions, do you ever feel that what you are asking for can be done with no effort? 
      So there I was in this really cool dumpling restaurant. It's a place that makes them by hand as you order them. As I look up at the menu board, I saw something that appealed to me that had steamed rice in it as well. As I ordered, I asked for brown rice with the dish. The woman told me that she could not substitute any thing. But then I thought to myself, does steamed rice mean white rice? Just a small thought, sit with that for a moment. 
       I asked her if she could please try to get them to put brown rice in it. She agreed to ask, but she did not follow up with me, nor did the plate come with brown rice. I thought to myself afterward, that it's the details that make the world go round. Rice has to be put in the plate the same way whether its brown or white right? They did not budge and it made me think of all the ways we can make other people happier with the simplest actions. 
        So many times in life we fool ourselves into thinking that we can only get to a certain place or to a certain level by staying level and not reaching further. Actually, truth be told, if another person had been there, I may have had a better shot at getting brown rice. I find that the way you deliver a request coupled with who receives it, can change everything. But I always remind myself that there is no traffic on the extra mile. 
        The meal was great by the way. It was fresh and delicious, even with white rice. I harbor no ill feeling towards this place. However, it is my feeling that when the customer gets what they request, they are more likely to tell others about the place without even blinking. If you ask for something truly outlandish, it's understandable that you may get rejected. Just for clarity, I do not believe that when it comes to dreams and strong desires. This is strictly a restaurant story. However, when something can obviously be carried out with no pressure or stress, and can offer a favorable outcome, make it happen. I believe that what we add to life consistently is what we eventually receive tenfold. 
      You are limitless and don't let anyone tell you differently. Keep requesting and keep fulfilling. It's how the magic happens...



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